Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, I have had to cancel all of my upcoming "in person" shows. Please however look for me on Facebook Live as I am streaming live concerts from home every two months or so.


I am also available for zoom church services (or for any other purpose) either live or by providing pre-recorded videos. My regular fee for singing at a Sunday morning service online is $400, but I can be flexible depending on your circumstances. 


And I am available for private concerts via zoom or other formats. I have played for birthdays, anniversaries, etc. or just gatherings of friends. Or zoom "house concerts" as well. If you're interested, please just send me an email at or via the contact page on this website and we can discuss the details. And many thanks for your support!


If you are seeking permission to use a song or lyric in a church service or publication, etc., please contact me at and describe the details so I can suggest guidelines for usage. A typical fee for a one-time use of one of my songs in a church service is $30, and a perpetual use license is $100. If you credit me in print for the use of my song, please list not only my name but also my website...something like this:

"(song title)" by Peter Mayer, copyright (year).


If you would like to use one of my songs for a YouTube video or other kind of video that you post online, I typically ask $100 for that. Please contact me before you do however so I can get a sense of your project and grant permissions accordingly. For payment options, please click on the "Support" page above, and scroll to the bottom.


Here's a nice interview and concert featured by that Arlington Community Media and Arlington UU Church in the Boston area. Click here


Here are a few videos I've come across that feature some of my songs. Thank you filmmakers!

John Ashley


I am trying to do what I can to address the confusion that often occurs between myself and "the other" Peter Mayer who plays for Jimmy Buffet, lives in Nashville, and is also a songwriter. I apologize if you've had difficulty finding me. One thing I've heard that helps is that if you do any kind of search, create a station on Pandora, etc. you can enter the words "Peter Mayer Minnesota" and that will get you to my music. It may also help to remember that I'm the guy with the short grey hair :-)


I also wanted to mention that Cate at A Cupful of Happy (previously The Good News Cafe) is now creating products (mugs, shirts, etc.) you can buy that feature quotes from my songs. There are lots of can check them out here.  She can also create a customized product for you if you have a specific quote or design in mind. You can email her at . Thanks Cate!