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                   BOOKING A SHOW

Please contact me at if you are interested in booking me for an in-person concert. Prices vary depending on if the show is far or near, a house concert or other venue, etc.  I typically seek a flat fee plus travel expenses and a room for the night or two if needed (home hospitality works fine but preferably no pets due to my allergies). 


I am also available for church services. If it's in conjunction with a show the previous evening, typically I ask $500. Please contact me at to discuss details.


I am available for private concerts and church services on zoom.


I have played on Zoom for birthdays, anniversaries, etc. or just gatherings of friends. You can pick the setlist!  My prices are $300 for 1/2 hour, or $400 to $500 (based on what you can afford) for a full-length (90 minutes or so) concert .  


I am also available for zoom church services  either live or by providing pre-recorded videos. My regular fee for singing at a Sunday morning service online is $500, but I can be flexible depending on your circumstances. 

If you're interested in any of the above, please just send me an email at or via the contact page on this website and we can discuss the details. And many thanks for your support!


Below is a simple lead sheet (lyrics with chords) as well as chord chart for the song "Holy Now" which you can use if you are joining me on Zoom for a lesson on how to play this song. Please just click on each document and it should open.

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