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For Church Services and Events


If you are seeking permission to use a song or lyric in a church service or other event, please feel free to do so (and no need to contact me for permission). A typical fee for a one-time use of one of my songs (whether it be a recording, video, or live performance) in a church service or event is $30, and a perpetual use license is $100. If you credit me in print for the use of my song, please list not only my name but also my website...something like this:

"(song title)" by Peter Mayer, copyright (year).



Here is payment info. below, and many thanks for your support!


You can use Venmo at:

PayPal by going here:

Or you can send a check made out to my name to:


        Peter Mayer

        P.O. Box 848

        Stillwater, MN


(if you have trouble with the PayPal link you can use this email address:

Thank you!

For Publications 

If you are printing lyrics in a publication, please contact me at and let me know what kind of publication, how many copies, etc. so we can discuss terms of use. 

For Videos

If you would like to use one of my songs for a YouTube video or other kind of video that you post online, I typically ask $100 for that, as well as proper credit listed in the video. Please contact me before you do however so I can get a sense of your project and grant permissions accordingly. For payment options, please click here , see options above, or on the Support page above.


Thank You!

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