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Trumpeter Swans (Single)


    At the first light did I wake
    And put on the cares of the day
    The worries, the news, the thousand to-dos
    And ventured out into the morning

    The day had grown brighter by then
    When I heard a sound overhead
    A trumpeting call, and that's when I saw
    Saw you fly over me, great white birds

    I stood staring up at the sky
    And watched you as you floated by
    The sight of you made time go away
    And time took a long time returning

    And in that long moment it seemed
    You reached out and swept my heart clean
    Of all its heartaches and put in their place
    The beauty and grace of you, great white birds

    Trumpet the sun with its light on your wings
    Trumpet the wind, the kinship of things
    Trumpet this bright, shimmering life
    This magical flight, day into night
    Everything turning

    Trumpet the sun with its light on your wings
    The summer and fall, the winter and spring
    Trumpet the trees, the river, the sea
    That brought you and me, to which we will be
    One day returning

    It hasn't been too many years 
    Since you nearly disappeared
    But the wise and the brave struggled to save you
    Now you are saving me, great white birds



    released August 23, 2021 
    Music and Lyrics by Peter Mayer
    Peter Mayer: vocal, acoustic guitar, bass guitar, keyboard
    Mixed by Peter Mayer
    Mastered by Randy Gildersleeve at GilderSound Recording

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